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Posted on by 19,790

Hi All ,

Can any one explain how to use the subworkflow in Ax 2012 with an example and in which condition we need to use the subworkflow ?

Thanks in advance

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    Jonathan  Halland Profile Picture
    Jonathan Halland 11,302 on at
    RE: Subworkflow

    Hi Ially.

    There are a couple of reasons to use sub workflows. My primary reason is simplicity, but reusability is also definately a factor

    1. To keep the main configuration simple. One may have some very complex subsections workflow processes that take place only under specific conditions. It may be simpler to move that entire subsection into a sub workflow rather than cluttering the main workflow configuration E.G. If a purchase order is for vendor "X" then it needs an extra 5 approvals each with its own conditions before proceeding with the standard process for all other vendors. In this case you can create a sub workflow that is only executed on a conditional decision after which the rest of the approvals are followed

    2. Reusability. You may have a number of main workflow configurations each with its own activation conditions, however each of these have a common complex section to it. Using a subworkflow that is called from all the main ones can save you time in initial configuration as well as updates.

    Ially, these are my two main points, but experiment for your self and you may find other uses specific to you own scenario

  • lally Profile Picture
    lally 19,790 on at
    RE: Subworkflow

    Thanks for the replies ,

    But the above shared links are not working to understand the use of subworkflow.

  • Community Member Profile Picture
    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Subworkflow;pg=PA264&lpg=PA264&dq=how+to+use+subworkflow+in+Ax2012&source=bl&ots=x48vOkhbPQ&sig=_D74r0zs9FPO35jkiuITcpbRfek&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjKj4jh46TKAhWF8CYKHW0KBeYQ6AEIWTAJ#v=onepage&q=how%20to%20use%20subworkflow%20in%20Ax2012&f=false

    Use that link  to understand Sub workflow

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    Community Member Profile Picture
    Community Member Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: Subworkflow

    Hi lally

    the follow link helped me understand the subworkflows



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