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Contact's work history

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We are trying to track contacts work history so for eg: John Doe works at company A and he move job to company B, how do i show this in the contact's profile? 

We are currently use personas, but want to know if there is any other better solution out there
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    Gill Walker Profile Picture
    Gill Walker 47 UG Leader on at
    Contact's work history
    Hi Jesna
    I would use connections to track contacts work history.
    I do this in our CRM.  We have a pair of connection roles - former employer and former employee.  In your example, when John Doe works at company A and then he moves job to company B you:
    • Create a connection with the roles former employer and former employee between John Doe and Company A.
    • Then update John Doe's parent account to company B.
    This gives some additional benefits.
    If many people leave Company A, they are collected as former employees under Company A.
    If John Doe leaves Company B for Company C, you repeat the above and you develop a trail of connections as John Doe moves around.
    Connections are out of the box as are several connection roles.  You can add more.  If you so choose, you can also use some out of the box date fields, so as well as knowing that John Doe moved from Company A to Company B to Company C, you have the dates when this happened.
    If relevant, you can filter the connection roles and show only certain connections on specific forms.  This is also done as standard for stakeholders on the opportunity, for example.
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    Leah Ju Profile Picture
    Leah Ju Microsoft Employee on at
    Contact's work history
    Hi Partner,
    Maybe you need enable 'audit' feature on the contact.
    --Dataverse auditing logs changes that are made to customer records in an environment with a Dataverse database. 

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