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Use Form answers in Real Time journeys

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We are transitionning from a competitor automation tool to Customer Insights,
I find it extremely hard to use forms and journeys. I face two problems (on something that used to be really simple), hopefully someone can help:
  • I can't seem to add unmapped fields to my forms
    • i.e When is the best day for you ? Monday 01/01, Tuesday 02/01, ... 
  • I can't seem to use submitted answers in an /if/then/ statement in a journey
    • If answer in the submitted form is Monday 01/01, then send /Monday EMAIL/
    • if answer in the submitted form is Tuesday 02/01, then send /Tuesday EMAIL/
    • ...
Overall, whith all the changes (outbound, RT, Marketing to Customer Insights, Marketing list to purpose and intent, ...) it's really difficult to know where and how to do certain things. It feels like we're migrating to a tool that has changed once we signed up 😓...
Best regards,