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Posted on by 68
is anyone aware of an app that can provide the following information
  1. Due Date on the sales order or the purchase order
  2. Quantity of current or incoming stock
  3. Quantity of demand on the Sales Order
  4. Balance as at the Due Date
  5. Source = SO number or PO number as applicable
  6. PO number
  7. Ship to destination of the Sales Order
  8. SO number
That information should for past & future events.
Thank you
  • Jun Wang Profile Picture
    Jun Wang 3,580 Super User on at
    App for Business Central
    what users expect is understandable but not achievable in an ERP system like BC. maybe they could leverage on tools like powerBI or Jetreport to consume the data for an easier visual representation of data. Still the key is to understand what each data type means and where to find those
  • KHayston Profile Picture
    KHayston 68 on at
    App for Business Central
    Thank you, appliwin123 for the extensive explanations - it is exactly what I have been trying to explain as well but the employers are "used" to a certain view and want it replicated.
    Thank you everyone else for your suggestions.
  • Verified answer
    Jun Wang Profile Picture
    Jun Wang 3,580 Super User on at
    App for Business Central
    as responded, the information you requested is out of box BC info. The tricky part is they are from different pages. apart from the PO or SO, lots of information is from the below pages. you can drill into the number for detailed info.
    besides fining where they are, you need to get a clear understanding of the meaning of each type of columns, Some of which are straight forward, others might be a bit confusing by the naming. 
  • Suggested answer
    tanya07 Profile Picture
    tanya07 1,523 on at
    App for Business Central
    All the mentioned information are out of the box in business central, and if you want see all the consolidated data , you can customise the same as per you requirement.
    I hope this helps! :)
  • gdrenteria Profile Picture
    gdrenteria 2,786 Super User on at
    App for Business Central
    Sorry, I don't understand very well, part of the information you request is standard and is found in the system.
    You can get it from pages and options.
    If you want everything consolidated on a single page or in a single report to apply filters, you can search for information about an app in the appsource, the other thing would be to develop an extension tailored to what was requested.
    best regards
  • Verified answer
    Judy Profile Picture
    Judy Microsoft Employee on at
    App for Business Central
    Business Central itself offers features that can help with some of the requested information.
    It provides a reservation worksheet to help reserve and allocate incoming goods for sales and production orders.
    And it  monitors the inventory status of items on orders and suggests the next step accordingly.

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