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Seeing who a record is Shared With

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I have records in a table that are User level permissions and I want them to be able to share/assign them as needed.

I am wondering if there is a way to have a column in the view showing the staff that have access? Rather than going one record at a time and clicking on share to see if it has been shared.

  • Seeing who a record is Shared With
    In the SQL query for the view, you can join the table containing the staff access information with the table/view containing the records. This way, you can retrieve the necessary data for each record along with the corresponding staff members who have access.
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    RE: Seeing who a record is Shared With


    Information about Shared records and users is present in "Principle Object Access table" which you can use to retrive information. To view this table data, you can use SQL 4 CDS tool in Xrm toolbox. Then can create power bi Report or something to view everything at one place.

    Please mark verified if this resolves your issue.

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    RE: Seeing who a record is Shared With

    Hi Bahalzamon,

    Unfortunately, there is currently no OOB method to do this, or you will need some customization.

    As you may be aware, information relating to the Sharing of records in Dataverse/Dynamics 365 is held in the PrincipalObjectAccess(POA) table. 

    There is one column named principalId, which stores the GUID of the user or team with which the record is shared.

    And one column named objectId, which stores the GUID of the record that has been shared


    Maybe you can create one custom column on your table, then you can retrieve POA table to get user id. 

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