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Backup in India server

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Recent law in India obliged to have backup in local storage.
We are planning to have a global instance Microsoft Dynamics 365 Financial for all companies in Asia, including India, in Singapore.
Lot of other international companies did the same, but how to cover this requirement?
I would like to backup in India just India company data and not data of other companies.
How did you respect this requirement?
  • BP-20051347-0 Profile Picture
    BP-20051347-0 12 on at
    Backup in India server
    @kevin xia - you mention data governance capabilities to could be used. Could share a link to these capabilities for us.
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    GillOliver 25 on at
    Backup in India server
    HI Francesco
    Did you find a solution to your backup question or go with the idea put forward by Kevin?  My company is also a global instance with companies in Asia, Europe and North America, we are in the process of rolling out to India and have come up against the same issue with India legal requirements so I was interested in how you solved this one 
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    André Arnaud de Cal... 283,663 Super User on at
    Backup in India server
    Hi Francesco,
    There is no option to get a backup of the database with a single company. You can export data related to a single company, but a backup is always the complete contents. In case you need to restore a database, then you also need the full backup, and you can't just restore a single company into a live Dynamics 365 F&O environment. 
    At least, it would be possible to copy a backup of a full database to a local storage location in India.
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    Kevin Xia Microsoft Employee on at
    Backup in India server
    To meet this requirement, you can consider using the data governance capabilities provided within Microsoft Dynamics 365. With data governance, you can configure data storage location rules to ensure that only the data of Indian companies is backed up to local storage in India, while data from other countries/regions is stored according to their respective requirements.
    Best regards,

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