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Project to category code associations

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I'm trying to understand the relationships between a project's Project group and ultimately which category codes are valid for that group. As I understand it, each Project group is tied to a Category relation with either a Group or Table 'Valid for' reference.
For Group, it's tied to Category groups which then is linked to one or more Project categories where I find the Category Id. 
For Table, the Project group is tied to Project categories, then the Project group brings me back to Category groups, and then I can get to the Project categories to see the Category Ids. 
Is my understanding correct? I believe all I need is the Group level association to Category Id(s), is there an OOTB entity or view which would allow me to pull them?
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    Project to category code associations
    Andre / Herzliche,
    Apologies for the confusion. Maybe I can elaborate. Rather than start from Project, I'll start Ledger posting setup, We have Project relation with corresponding Category relation. The Category relation can be Table, Group, or All. My understanding is if the Category relation is Group, I can take that Category relation value to the Category groups form, then use the menu to see all the associate Project categories. 
    Hoping this clears up my question at least a little. 
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    Project to category code associations
    assuming your question is related to the Project/category validation groups as Andre mentioned then there is one data entity for this setup.
    It is the ProjValProjCategorySetUpEntityV2
    Hope this helps.
    Herzliche Grüße / kind regards,
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    André Arnaud de Cal... 284,737 Super User on at
    Project to category code associations

    I'm not able to follow what you are trying to ask. Is your question about the form Project/category validation groups that can be found in the setup section of the Project and accounting menu?

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