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Having some issues while designing a solution

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I have a parent form of type (Customer) but need a way to map a call session to a list of call attempts (see diagram below)


I was looking into creating two entities (Call Session) and (Calls) where Call Session and Calls have a many to many relationship. This seems like a logical approach from a data perspective as it allows me to report call sessions further down the line. 

If I use a subgrid on the customer form where the main entity used is call session, how do I then allow a user to create individual calls for that session using a quick create form? The main aim im trying to achieve here is avoid the caller leaving the customer form at any time as they will have to update fields on the main customer form while they work. 

  • Having some issues while designing a solution
    It sounds like you're encountering a challenge in your solution design process, particularly in mapping call sessions to call attempts within a parent form of type "Customer." This can indeed be tricky to navigate, akin to exploring uncharted terrain in Minecraft APK. Just as in the game, where you need to carefully plan your moves and adapt to unexpected obstacles, in your solution design, you might need to explore various approaches, perhaps experimenting with different mapping techniques or leveraging tools akin to Minecraft APK mods to find the most efficient solution. Keep persevering, and you'll likely uncover the path to success amidst these design challenges. 
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    RE: Having some issues while designing a solution

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    RE: Having some issues while designing a solution


    One approach I can think of would be for you to customize your Call Sessions subgrid on the Customer entity form by adding a custom button "New Call". Once clicked, this custom button can trigger a JavaScript function that will create a Call Session record, open the Call entity's quick create form, and automatically associate it with the Call Session record and the Customer record.

    Although this approach might work for your scenario, it will require some development efforts to put together the required JavaScript code.

    I hope this helps!

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