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Multiple SharePoint sites within Dynamics 365 Instance

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I need assistance with configuring multiple SharePoint sites within a single D365 instance, allowing different entities to default to distinct SharePoint sites.
I've followed the Microsoft Docs guidelines to add a SharePoint site via D365 Advanced Settings > Document Management > SharePoint Sites. However, I am having difficulty mapping specific entities to separate Document Libraries.
Here is what I'm trying to achieve:
Dynamics Entity > SharePoint Site
Opportunities > Sales Department
Deployments > Support Department
I'm struggling to use the Document Management Settings Wizard to enable this configuration. Any advice on how to map these entities to their respective SharePoint sites would be greatly appreciated.
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    DC-23051928-0 2 on at
    Multiple SharePoint sites within Dynamics 365 Instance
    I have this exact question.  The answer supplied referencing "" suggests using power automate to achieve this, but does not specify any samples/examples or if its for canvas app.
    I need a solution for Model Driven.
    Seems silly to have many SharePoint sites in Document Management,  but only one can be Default, and that single Default one allows entities to be stored on it.
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    Leah Ju Microsoft Employee on at
    Multiple SharePoint sites within Dynamics 365 Instance
    In Document Management Settings.
    Select one entity and insert the site URL you added.
    Repeat the previous step for a different entity.
    More information:

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