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Where are the resources to learn this tool!

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The small consulting company I work for has been using Dynamics for sales for years.  We have a different product, with complex integrations, for project planning and timesheets.  My CEO is trying to figure out if we can make Project Ops work - without major customization, because that can make a mess of things!  We have been working through the examples we find on line but get stuck on things that seem basic - like creating quote line details by importing from the project . . . kept getting an error that the file doesnt exist or you dont have permissions, but he's the admin.  
This product is so complicated and it seems hard to find good documentation.  I find MS learn is often written more towards passing a test than towards actually figuring out how to use the tool! 
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    Adis 447 on at
    Where are the resources to learn this tool!
    Unfortunately, I doubt you will find exactly what you need. Even if the documentation would be very detailed, I am afraid it wont help you as the system(s) became so complex that you cant figure it out by your own.
    My personal opinion, find a MS partner and describe them your processes, be prepared. The consultant needs to understand what your core business is.
    Going into detail about how to create quote lines or something wont help you much. Instead explain what information you want to gather and how you want to use it.
    Generally speaking, Microsoft isnt very good as providing sophisticated in depth products, which doesnt mean their products arent rich on features! However, I would always opt for Microsoft. Reason being, company processes and business have become so complex and different, that MS provides technologies and features, but you have to adapt, business process wise and also software wise, and I am not speaking about customizations. I am refering to using an ERP System paired with PowerPlattform (Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Bi....)
    Also, try to find companies with a similar business. Maybe someone knows someone or you can ask to exchange knowledge. Even if they are not using a MS product, by talking to them how they implement their software landscape and processes you may find out what NOT to do or which areas are most important.
    Kind regards, Adis
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    eepp 59 on at
    Where are the resources to learn this tool!
    I hear you! Most of the documentation is about the "how" and not about the "why" or "when." Finding an expert through an implementation partner is helpful - we did that and are still learning and seeking answers. Good luck!
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    Where are the resources to learn this tool!
    Can you tell what exact features you want to use from Dynamics 365 Project Operations? Is it only about time writing? What exact Learn pages did you check? Have you searched on the internet for additional blogs or videos? E.g. there is a demonstration video available: Dynamics 365 Project Operations Demonstration - TechTalk (

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