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The business process "New Process", Review process not locked second time for knowledge articles?

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Greetings all.

I hope you are all fantastic.

I'm currently experimenting Knowledge Articles, I given myself the necessary permissions, to create an article as a user but “Non Admin” etc... Once I submit the article then on a second CRM login I make “Admin” user "Admin then Rejects the submitted Knowledge article.

Now, non admin view the “New Process” “Review” process 1st time is locked and I’m unable to edit it which is, only admin can which is also correct, however when as non admin I submit the article again after new modifications to the article and move it on to the next stage as a non admin I can also approve or reject the article when this I believe should be locked and only admin should do this.

My question is as non admin after 1st submission of article Review is lokced, once article rejected and I submit it move it to along to review as non admin I'm able to edit this why? and why isnt the field locked?

Review is locked first time.


Review enabled and not locked.


The out of box business process "New Process" modified.