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Change the Related Entity View condition in Business Process Flow

Posted on by 1,155
Hello All,
I have created a Business Process Flow in Opportunity entity. It has 4 stages Qualify-Develop-Propose-Close.
Qualify, Develop & Close stages belongs to Opporutniy Entity where as Propose stage belongs to related Quote Entity. 
When i click on 'Next Stage' button to move the stage from Develop to Quote, a small flyout window opens that shows all my related quotes (irrespective of its status). Please see the below screenshot:
I want to change the Quote view to show only 'Closed' quotes. I tried to change Lookup & associated views in the Quote entity but it didnt work. 
Could you please tell me how can i filter the view available in the BPF.
Your help is much appriciated. 
Thanks in Advance.
  • JayeshAC Profile Picture
    JayeshAC 1,155 on at
    Change the Related Entity View condition in Business Process Flow
    Thanks Dengliang for your response. 
    As you have suggested, i have submitted the idea.
  • Dengliang Li Profile Picture
    Dengliang Li Microsoft Employee on at
    Change the Related Entity View condition in Business Process Flow
    I'm afraid that's not possible.
    When you click Next Stage, a POST request is sent, and there is no filtering of the returned records in the request load.
    This is system behavior and cannot be changed.
    There is no API provided by Microsoft for filtering the returned records in a Next Stage either.
    But you can create a new idea through the below URL, then ask your colleagues to raise up the votes.
     Ideas (
    Our product team has direct visibility of these ideas, and they will implement it on the basis of the highest number of votes received.

    Best Regards,
    Dengliang Li

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