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Price management and product configurator

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I'm trying to use the new price management module to set the price on a constraint-based item that I created with product configuration model
It seems that price management doesn't work with this type of items, but work only for products or dimensions based product master items
For a constraint based item, it doesn't recognize the Margin component price adjustments based on attributes,
Any idea how to do that?
I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft forgot about the product configurator when they designed the new price management, then it will tell us to post an idea and they may look at it within the next 5 years..  if voted!

- What I want to do: used constraint based item, like D0004 on USMF
- I don't want to use the model price, I want to use the price management
- I want to pass an attribute from the product configuration model to be used to add an amount through the margin component price adjustments (e.g. if material attribute is premium, add $10)