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Event Registration not sync with contact

Posted on by 47
Hi All,

I wanted to create a Event based Journey on Customer Insights.
1. Created an event and made it go Live.
2. Created a journey where it would send Invitation email to a group of contacts whose age is 20.
3. Contact receive Email and registers through default registration page.
4. Registration information of that contact can be seen under can be seen Registration and attendance tab in Events.
5. But I cannot this registration information under contacts?
6. Am I looking in wrong direction, Kindly help.
I would require this information for a journey to check if contacts has registered for any Event
Contacts Entity
Event Entity:
Thanks and Regards,
  • Cui Hao Profile Picture
    Cui Hao on at
    Event Registration not sync with contact
    According to the image you posted, in Journey it shows that the event is not registered, so it is normal to not see the contact in /Event Registrations/.
    But you can see the record of Event Registrations in Events, the theory is that Journey should not go to No branch.
    My guess is that perhaps the journey itself is at fault, or there are plugins or Flow interfering, you can check these factors.
    If it's convenient, you can show me the detailed screenshot of your journey and your specific steps.
    Best regards,
    Cui Hao
  • Sasi Bridzet Profile Picture
    Sasi Bridzet 47 on at
    Event Registration not sync with contact
    Hi Cui Hao ,
    Thanks for your reply. I don't find any contact duplication, The issue is when I click the contact, I cannot see the info about it under Event Registrations tab, rather we  can see it on Event attended tab.

    And Journey always goes to No path instead of yes path

  • Cui Hao Profile Picture
    Cui Hao on at
    Event Registration not sync with contact

    After testing, I did not reproduce your problem.
    I'm guessing you may have selected the wrong contact, you can click on the contact in Events to see if it jumps to the corresponding contact in Contacts.

    It will go directly to the corresponding contact under Contacts.

    Afterwards you can see if the contact is involved in the event via /Events attended/.

    Best regards,
    Cui Hao

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