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Rota system - how to customise?

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I am new to the forum and power platform but have been referring to it a lot the past week for r&d, and found it with some invaluable advice!

I am currently undertaking some customisations that integrates with multiple Microsoft 365 services and it is to create a theatre ticketing system and the theatre has multiple threatres across geographical locations. A theatre movie hall can store up to 20, 40, 50 viewers. Potential number of viewers (500) are already known. Also, every theatre can have multiple movie halls and a single movie hall can at one-point show one movie and dependent on movie length value which is between 2hours to 3hours.

Though once the box office comes out with a movie listings for each month there is a person who is A theatre manager that manages a single movie hall out of many in the city and makes a rota of which move playing at what time as well as keeps track of movie rating for each movies so that the best-selling movie goes to the biggest movie hall. 

The core functionality to include: campaign (phonecall - this runs when there is a new box office movie release and each viewers are contacted if there is affirmation from the viewer to see the movie a ticket is considered sold to the viewer), rota management system (triggered when a box office release movie listings comes out) - Rota process is e.g. 40 movies out in different dates of the month/next month and Movie 1 runs on movie hall 1 and Movie 2 will run on movie hall 2 between x time.

I have a question and it is how do I go about structuring the delivery of this solution or any tips on where to start please?

Thanks in advance for anyone's guide/help.

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    CU24061230-0 Profile Picture
    CU24061230-0 2 on at
    Rota system - how to customise?
    Wao its great and best idea furthermore you can visit castle app( ) which also beneficial for you.
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    Nya Profile Picture
    Nya 29,050 on at
    RE: Rota system - how to customise?

    Hi Sol,

    It seems that you need to create a management application for a theatre, right?

    Then the issue should be posted in the Power Apps column.

  • Sol007 Profile Picture
    Sol007 168 on at
    RE: Rota system - how to customise?

    Hi Nya,

    Thanks for your prompt reply and signposting. Would you be able to guide to which column in the Power Platform Community that I could post this issue.

    Kind regards,


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    Nya Profile Picture
    Nya 29,050 on at
    RE: Rota system - how to customise?

    This forum is mainly for discussing and solving issues related to the Dynamics application, while Guides is a separate application name.

    It seems that your request has few relevance to Dynamics.

    You may try to post your issue to the Power Platform Community.

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