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2012 R3 on prem to cloud

Posted on by 75

Hi There,

With 2012 R3 end of life soon, are there any options to migrate to D365 cloud with incentives on licenses. As the D355 licenses are 5 times more expensive than 2012R3, what options are there to keep customers onboard with a solution that is affordable to them? Is there a D365 on prem option with affordable licenses either via CSP or EA?

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    nmaenpaa 101,148 on at
    RE: 2012 R3 on prem to cloud

    In addition to what others already wrote, you have to keep in mind that D365FO cloud licenses include much more than AX2012 licenses. You should take your AX2012 infrastructure (prod and UAT servers (AOS, database, RemoteApp/Citrix), Windows licenses, SQL Server licenses...) into account when calculating your current cost (and also when calculating D365FO on-prem cost).

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    Ludwig Reinhard Profile Picture
    Ludwig Reinhard Microsoft Employee on at
    RE: 2012 R3 on prem to cloud

    Hi Shankark,

    I would recommend reaching out to your local MS office / representation and talking to the MS people there about the options that you have.

    Pretty sure that they will help you finding the best way to migrate.

    Best regards,


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    Leo Chen on at
    RE: 2012 R3 on prem to cloud

    D365FFO (on-prem) is the only on-prem option for D365 ERP cloud solution. With regard to licensing queries, you can refer to CSAM or TAM  to know more details about licensing and then make your decision.

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