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BC SaaS. Custom API pages disappear from published extension

Posted on by 2,979
So we are getting a very odd situation in our BC SaaS Production environment. 

For example, in our app we publish several page objects with PageType = API. So we are using these API pages in some of our apps, and suddenly, one of the pages is not available anymore, and the rest are still available. Anyone had the same problem? It just makes no sense. Even in PowerBI, we can see all Entities are available, except the one that has gone missing. In order to fix the issue, we have to publish the PTE extension again; and after a few days, this happens again.
I've been digging further, and it seems to be a problem with App Dependencies. The app where the page becomes unavailable is App A. I have one App B, that dependes on App A. Looks like whenever I install App B, this single page in App A becomes unavailable.
EDIT2: We have now confirmed that this happens even if we don't publish any other app. The page became unavailable a few hours after publication.
Example page object:
page 50410 ItemsEntity
    APIGroup = 'B2B';
    APIPublisher = 'MyCompany';
    APIVersion = 'v2.0', 'v1.0', 'beta';
    ApplicationArea = All;
    Caption = 'itemsEntity';
    DelayedInsert = true;
    EntityName = 'item';
    EntitySetName = 'items';
    PageType = API;
    SourceTable = Item;
    SourceTableView = where(Blocked = const(false));
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    Valentin Castravet Profile Picture
    Valentin Castravet 6,203 Super User on at
    BC SaaS. Custom API pages disappear from published extension
  • BC SaaS. Custom API pages disappear from published extension
    Have you resolved this somehow? We are also dealing with disappearing custom APIs...

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