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A Few Components At One Location, The Rest At Another

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The Manufacturing Setup screen offers "Components At Location".

But, what if a few of the components of a Production Bill of Material are at one location and the rest are at another?

Is there a way of specifying a different location, for those few components that are at another location?

If not, how would Business Central "handle this" upon the manual creation of Production Orders and Purchase Orders, as well as during Planning?



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    Jun Wang 3,614 Super User on at
    A Few Components At One Location, The Rest At Another
    the components at location field used to exist on item card in earlier NAV versions like 2013, but now MS moves it to manufacturing setup as a global setting. The thing is that this field is optional and works for the scenarios where a company consumes different types of components from the same location.
    for example, company has location A and B, where A is set up as the components from location. When a production order is created for location B, BC will consume components from A. However, this function has limitations as it is not item specific in setup. Also, if location B requires picking, a production order created at B won't be able to consume from A.
    The regular way BC consumes components is location specific, meaning production order created for location B would consume components from B and this requires components to be available at location B. For a production order, if you drill into lines, there is location to be specified. Still, as picking is required, you won't make it work by trying to consume from another location. 
    hope this answers your question. 
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    A Few Components At One Location, The Rest At Another
    I'm following this thread.   
    We have the same issue - we have 2 companies (which are locations) in BC that run the planning worksheet.  It will run for both of them with that location field blank, but will not pick up any fixed reorder qty items.  Right now, I have to fill in the location code for the company running that has fixed reorder quantities and then delete it after they have run the planning worksheet so our other company can run it.  Just curious if BC can handle this out of the box.
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    MahGah 15,395 on at
    RE: A Few Components At One Location, The Rest At Another


    I was hoping Ben Baxter  provide answer for this question. I think you need development for that. But I was hoping someone know any OOTB workaround for this. 

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    Andy Sather Profile Picture
    Andy Sather on at
    RE: A Few Components At One Location, The Rest At Another


    If you don't get further responses to this issue, you may want to raise a support request to Microsoft support via your CSP / Partner.

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