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Object Anchor Scan Percentage

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Hi all
I've seen on learn that it was possible to define a percentage level for the Object Anchor Step.
I've been looking on power apps but i don't know how to define this percentage for the validation of the anchor step.
Do you have any idea of how to deal with it please ?
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    Object Anchor Scan Percentage
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    Object Anchor Scan Percentage
    Hi there,
    To define a percentage level for the Object Anchor Step in Power Apps, you need to configure the anchor validation settings within your app. Unfortunately, Power Apps doesn't provide a straightforward, built-in way to set this percentage directly through the UI. However, you can achieve this through some custom logic and settings.
    Here are the steps you can follow:
    1. **Custom Validation Logic:**
       Implement custom logic to validate the object anchor based on the percentage criteria. This can be done using Power Automate or custom scripts within Power Apps.
    2. **Power Automate Integration:**
       Create a flow in Power Automate that gets triggered when the Object Anchor Step is reached. This flow can calculate the percentage and validate it against your predefined threshold.
    3. **Using Variables and Conditions:**
       In your Power Apps, you can use variables to track the anchor validation status. Set conditions to check if the scanned percentage meets the required threshold and proceed accordingly.
    4. **UI Feedback:**
       Provide feedback to users through the UI by displaying messages or changing the screen based on whether the percentage criteria are met.
    ### Example Scenario
    Suppose you have an object anchor step in your app. You can create a variable that stores the scan percentage and use an if-else condition to validate it.
    If(ScanPercentage >= RequiredPercentage, Navigate(SuccessScreen), Navigate(FailureScreen))
    In this example, `ScanPercentage` is the variable holding the current scan percentage, and `RequiredPercentage` is your defined threshold. For more detailed guides and tools to help you set up such custom validations, you might want to visit this website:
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    Object Anchor Scan Percentage
    Hi Partner,
    You can force operators to do better scans by setting a higher Minimum Scan % value using the Guides model-driven app. This field allows you to override the anchor's built-in minimum scan percentage required.
    Based on the Microsoft documentation:
    In the model-driven app under Converted 3D Object, enter the new Minimum Scan % and select Save.

    I hope you can mark my answer verified if it is helpful! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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