Specifying posting settings

Use the Posting Setup window to determine how transactions are posted for each origin or transaction entry method within a particular Microsoft Dynamics GP series.

To specify posting settings:

  1. Open the Posting Setup window.
    (Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Posting >> Posting)
  2. From the Series list, select a series.
  3. From the Origin list, select a transaction origin. You can specify settings for each origin, or for all origins.
  4. To specify how you want transactions from subsidiary modules posted to General Ledger, make one of the following selections:
    • Mark Post to General Ledger to transfer transactions from subsidiary modules to General Ledger when you post. You can verify the transactions in the General Ledger Transaction Entry window and you’ll have to post the batches in General Ledger before they update your account balances.
    • Mark Post Through General Ledger Files to transfer transactions from subsidiary modules to General Ledger and automatically post them to your posting accounts.
    • Leave both selections unmarked if you don’t want to post to General Ledger. You might unmark these selections when you’re entering beginning
      balances or if you’re entering correcting transactions in a subsidiary module and don’t want the amounts to affect General Ledger.
  5. If you’re posting to General Ledger, specify how detailed you want your journal entries to be. You can make the following selections:
    • Create a journal entry per transaction to post in detail (to create a separate journal entry for each transaction). Select this option to have the most detailed information available.
    • Create a journal entry per batch and leave Use Account Settings unmarked to post in summary (to create a single journal entry for the batch total for each account). Select this option for the fastest posting.
    • Create a journal entry per batch and mark Use Account Settings to post according to the specifications for each account. Select this option to get a
      mix of detail and summary information. (This option is the slowest of the three.)
    • If you selected Payroll as the series, mark Post in Detail to have the most detailed information available.
  6. Mark Allow Transaction Posting to have the option of posting transactions individually from the selected transaction origin. Unmark this selection to
    require all transactions to be entered in a batch.
  7. In the Posting Date From field, make one of the following selections if you selected Transaction in step 5:
    • Mark Batch to post all transactions in the batch by the same date.
    • Mark Transaction to post each transaction by the transaction’s posting date.
  8. Mark Include Multicurrency Info if you’re using Multicurrency Management. Posting journals printed as part of the posting process will include multicurrency information; reprinted posting journals won’t include multicurrency information even if this option is marked.
  9. In the If Existing Batch field, make one of the following selections to specify what happens if you post additional transactions from the same source and the first batch still exists in General Ledger:
    • Mark Append to add the transactions to the existing batch.
    • Mark Create New to create a new batch.
  10. Specify options for posting reports.

    Choose Save to save the posting setup information.



Paraphrased by John W. Lowther, Jr.

System Setup Manual (pages 89 thru 91)

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 R2