Microsoft Dynamics GPMicrosoft have been migrating their Knowledge Base to a new system, making some articles unavailable, but have announced the migration is now complete and the articles should now be available again.

Or at least most of them; in the post, Cheryl does say that”outdated content or rarely used content (i.e. no page views in recent years)”; I have mixed feelings about this as I have occasionally stumbled across articles for GP 8 or 9 which have still fixed an issue I’ve had with the most recent versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP.

The migration means that a link like is now

You may need to update any bookmarks or links you have on the old pattern, but at least for the ones I have checked, the old pattern is being forwarded to the old.

This change is why the above link was unavailable when I wrote the Removing Analytical Accounting from Microsoft Dynamics GP post.

KB articles are available by either searching in PartnerSource or CustomerSource (and may the God of your choice answer your prayers for assistance) or by using the search engine of your choice.

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