With the Zap! Integration module you can transfer your data from an Excel spreadsheet into General Ledger, Payable, and Receivable transactions including AA dimensions. You can integrate purchase orders and Sales Orders a single click.

Zap!          You minimize data entry costs and transfer errors.

Zap!          You have the data you need to make sound, profitable business decisions in your Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Zap!          You’re done.

Zap! uses a runtime version of eConnect so it’s fast. The typical English-speaking human being easily understands the error messages fed into your Excel worksheet. Re-importing just the corrected records takes one click.  And did we mention, it integrates AA dimensions?

Zap! installation, customization, and training usually takes only 2 hours. It’s used by people who don’t want to learn a complicated product like Integration Manager or eConnect. Users who routinely import consistently formatted worksheets for GL, Payable, and Receivable transactions from other software products.

It’s been put to use with custom integrations for point of sale systems, web stores, and EDI integrations. Zap! can have a timer attached.

Watch the demo. Call Computeration for pricing and more information at 503-352-9679.