David Meego - Click for blog homepageEvery now and then I get asked "How you can modify an existing SmartList favorite with SmartList Builder?".

The short answer is you cannot.

This is because the standard SmartLists are written as Dexterity code in each of the dictionaries that integrate with the SmartList dictionary. The Dexterity Integration Guide document (IG.PDF) has an entire section that explains how to write the necessary cross dictionary code to make this work. It requires Dexterity skills and is hard to get working well even for experienced developers. Some developers just provide exported SmartList Builder favorites for their products instead.

So where does that leave us...

Do we have to reverse engineer and recreate the standard SmartLists in SmartList Builder?

Actually No.... thankfully.

That is because our wonderful Microsoft Dynamics GP Support team have aleady done this mammoth task for us. We just need to go to the CustomerSource page below and download the zip files containing the SmartLists we want.

How easy is that? 


PS: If you find this helpful, remember to post a comment to say thanks to the team who did all the hard work for us.