New troubleshooting document available for Project billing

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Hello everyone,

I wanted to make sure you were aware of a new, comprehensive troubleshooting guide we have available for Project Accounting billing issues.  This document covers the following topics:

1. Data entry problems with billing invoices for Time and Material projects
2. Data entry problems with billing invoices for Cost Plus or Fixed Price projects
3. Data entry problems with billing invoices for projects that bill fees
4. Posting problems with billing invoices for Time and Material projects
5. Posting problems with billing invoices for Cost Plus or Fixed Price projects
6. Posting problems with billing invoices for projects that bill fees
7. The error message - You cannot enter a Batch ID that has unposted receivables transactions
8. The drill back from the inquiry window is incorrect 

Also included in the Appendix is a SQL script that you can use to see all of the tables a specific billing document exists in.  Simply enter your document # and run it against your company database.  If you are not able to correct your issue, open a support case and send the file results to Support and we can take a look at it for you!

Find this guide and script using these links -

Customers - Click HERE  
Partners - Click HERE


Pam Peterson

  • Very nice document, really helpful...

    btw, I have 1 issue where a bill was posted to a customer for a material purchased via a PO... turns out the PO used an incorrect cost category, now I need to cancel/reverse out the bill. Is that possible, can you help to provide a step by step guide (i'm quite new to this PA module)


  • That is great to hear that it was helpful to you!

    KB 874076 provides steps on how to reverse a billing invoice so I would start there. If you need further help, please post your question on the Forums which is an area better suited for troubleshooting.  Thanks!

  • I'm using your document to troubleshoot a billing batch interruption issue and the SQL script embedded is not complete for the "GL" section.  Do you happen to have the rest of the script for the GL section you can share please?

  • Thanks for your comment, Kristi.  We tried to just return the most important data in the script results rather than whole tables since there can tend to be a lot of information there to sort through.

    So if you want to see more of what was in the GL, then I would recommend using the JRNENTRY value that was returned in the billing script and using it in your Where clause in a full select statement. The value in the Status field will let you know which GL table to do the select from.

    1 - GL10001

    2 - GL20000

    3 - GL30000

    So if you see the following results in your billing script:


    BILL0000000000005     3470 2

    Your statement would be:


    Good luck!

  • Pam - this is a very helpful document.  We have a client that is experiencing a number of issues when posting Billing Entries in PA - primarily, the entries post fine in PA but not in RM (they end up in Batch Recovery).  It's usually a simple fix of just recovering them and manually posting in RM, as you mentioned in your document.

    Is this issue being addressed by Microsoft?  Is there a concrete way to reproduce this error?  I have been unable to reproduce it myself, but have received numerous complains from clients as it continues to occur to them.