When a user tries to log into Microsoft PDK 2013 (Personal Data Keeper), the following error message may result: 

          The EXECUTE permission was denied on the object 'zDP_SY02100SS_1', database 'master', schema 'dbo'.

Note: This issue was recreated when installing PDK from RTM version.  However, it did not happen when PDK was installed from the SP1 media. Therefore, it is recommended to install PDK from the SP1 media or later to avoid this issue.

METHOD 1:  This may have happened because the PDK ODBC gets set to a default database name of 'Master', instead of 'Dynamics' since Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 allows you to choose a different name for the Dynamics database. This happens only when the ODBC is created by PDK, so your other ODBC's should be fine.  To resolve this, you will need to change the default database name for the PDK ODBC to 'DYNAMICS' (or whatever you named it) instead of 'Master'.  Here are the steps:

1. Exit PDK.

2. Navigate to Start, click on Control Panel, click on Administrative Tools, click on Data Sources (ODBC), and click on the System DSN tab.

3. Click to select the ODBC for PDK, and click on Configure.

4. Click Next to get to the Microsoft SQL Server DSN Configuration window.

5.  Change the name of the database from 'Master' to 'DYNAMICS' (or whatever you named it) in the field for Change the default database to:

Note: Both of the checkboxes for the "Use ANSI..." settings should not be marked.

6. Click Next and Finish.

7. Log into PDK and the error should now be gone.


METHOD 2:  Another reason for this error message may also be that the user in not in the role of DYNGRP. In SQL Server Management Studio, under the SQL instance, expand Databases, expand the company database, expand Security and expand Users. Right-click on the user having issues and select Properties. Under General, verify the user is in the DYNGRP role. Re-launch PDK and verify the error no longer happens.


(This above information can also be found in KB #2870546.)

I hope this information will be useful to you, in the event you experience this issue.  Thank you for your time.

Cheryl Waswick | Sr. Technical Support Engineer | Microsoft Dynamics GP Support