If anyone knows anything about me, Human Resource and Payroll is always near and dear to my heart!
I am super excited about what we did in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 service pack 2.  Many of you participated in an exercise to vote from a list of features that are most important to your daily job.
Then we compiled the list, (overwhelming response from all)  and took the top items we could get done and put them in a release less than 3 months from asking!

Now how cool is that!  Ask and you shall receive. 

I continually encourage customers and partners to provide feedback on the product and the release above shows we do listen.

All features added are based on customer feedback to make the product better, with your help we will get there.

Thanks again, the HRP following is GREAT and I'm glad to be a part of such an AWESOME group!

Click here to watch the VIDEO!


Terry Heley