Hello -

We have identified an issue with SmartList Designer on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 where when you create a new Smartlist using SmartList Designer and then attempt to run the newly created Smartlist, no results are returned for users who are not 'sa' or not in the sysadmin server role. The issue occurs because the DYNGRP database role does not have the necessary rights to the necessary functions in the company database.

The current workaround is to run the below script against the companies that you are running the newly created SmartList against as this will give the DYNGRP database role the necessary rights for the functions. Here is the url to download the script from: https://mbs2.microsoft.com/fileexchange/?fileID=6fec21d8-1348-4733-bc64-2028a1f4cf2e

Please watch for this to be fixed in a future service pack.

Thank you!