Hi Everyone!

I’ve seen a couple of calls on this so I wanted to share with you what I’ve found. If you find yourself trying to schedule an MO (selecting the Schedule MO button) in the Manufacturing Order Entry window and receive the following error, there is a simple fix.

Error 0 occurred while defining the quantities record. The script is ending.

This error was caused by corruption in the IV00102 table for the components that were on the Finished goods that were being built.  

In the IV00102 is the Item Quantity Master table. If you query this table you will notice two lines (assuming you have just one site assigned).  The one line that doesn't have a location code and that line represents ALL quantities from all sites assigned to that item. It's like the "master" or "summary" for the item/site combinations.  The other line(s) represents quantities from the specific sites that are assigned to the item. You will notice a RCRDTYPE column for the ALL site should have a value of 1 and the other sites should all have a 2.

The error was caused by an item that had the RCRDTYPE value set to 0. 0 is an invalid value and therefore GP was throwing the error.

If this error occurs when scheduling an MO, please check the value in the IV00102 for the finished good item as well as the components on the Bill of Materials and verify if the RCRDTYPE value is 0. If it is you can use the fix below to rectify the error.


To fix the one item you can run the following update for that item (updating your Dex_Row_ID where I have XXX)

update IV00102 set RCRDTYPE = 1 where DEX_ROW_ID = XXX

update IV00102 set RCRDTYPE = 2 where DEX_ROW_ID = XXX


If you have multiple items with this issue you can run the statement below.

update iv00102 set RCRDTYPE = 1 where RCRDTYPE = 0 and  LOCNCODE = ''

update iv00102 set RCRDTYPE = 2 where RCRDTYPE = 0 and LOCNCODE <> '' 


Hopefully you won’t get this error, but if you do this article will save you a lot of time trying to identify the issue. Plus the fix is pretty easy!


Angela Ebensteiner | Sr. Technical Advisor | Microsoft Dynamics GP