When inserting custom records into the eConnect_Out_Setup table in order to create eConnect outgoing transactions from your own table(s) in Microsoft Dynamics GP, then using the Transaction Requester Tool to enable the Insert, Update and Delete triggers on those tables, the three taRequester* stored procedures do not get created on the Insert/Update, thus the outbound transactions will fail.

For example, we use an Insert script with the DOCTYPE set to 'My_Company_Item_Cards' to run against the eConnect_Out_Setup table. When this is run, under the IV00101 table, we see the two custom triggers created:


However, while you will see multiple taRequester procedures in the company database this insert script was run against the eConnect_Out_Setup table in, you won't have the taRequester stored procedures specific to this line added to the eConnect_Out_Setup table.

There are two ways you can go about getting these taRequester stored procedures to create:

1. Run the Microsoft Dynamics GP Database Maintenance Utility to re-create stored procedures for the 'Microsoft Dynamics GP' series in the company database.

   Once this is run successfully, I see the three stored procedures for the 'My_Company_Item_Cards' DOCTYPE:




2. Since running the Microsoft Dynamics GP Database Maintenance Utility to re-create stored procedures in a company database is not a good resolution as it removes any prior customizations that may've been done to the company stored procedures, the work-around for this issue is to manually create the missing stored procedures in the company database, for each DOCTYPE record inserted into the eConnect_Out_Setup table, using these example scripts for the 'My_Company_Item_Cards' DOCTYPE:

      exec eConnectOutCreate 'My_Company_Item_Cards', 0

      exec eConnectOutCreate 'My_Company_Item_Cards',1

      exec eConnectOutCreate 'My_Company_Item_Cards',2

   By using these manual scripts to create the missing taRequester stored procedures for the DOCTYPE, we're not overriding any of the customizations of any stored procedures.

There has been some confusion with this in regards to the eConnect Programmer's Guide on Customizing the Transaction Requester objects, so we wanted to get this out in the public for clarification, as well as looking at changing the verbiage in the Programmer's Guide to be more specific on this. Hopefully this will help.