This applies to the following Word Templates:

SOP Blank Picking Ticket Order Entered

SOP Blank Picking Ticket Bin Sequenced

Ever notice the document comments do not appear when printing the SOP Picking Ticket Word templates? They will print on the Standard report, but not the Word Template. This is because the Picking Ticket reports do not have a Report Footer section. The Template utilizes the Report Footer section to print data.

To get around this, you need to add the Report Footer section to the Report Writer report, then move the document comments into the Report Footer. Next, update the XML on your Word template and re-add the fields pulling from the ReportFooter section I the Field List. See detailed steps below:

  1. Open the SOP Blank Picking Ticket Order Entered report in Report Writer.
  2. In the Report Definition window, click Layout.
  3. Select Tools from the top toolbar.
  4. Click Section Options.
  5. Mark the Report Footer Check box.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Expand the Report Footer section to size 48.
  8. Select the Document Comments(1) field.
  9. Hit Ctrl and hold it down while selecting Document Comments(2), Document Comments(3) and Document Comments(4). All 4 fields should be selected.
  10. Drag the fields from the Page Footer, into the Report Footer. (See Figure A)
  11. Save the report and close out of Report Writer.
  12. Next, update the XML source on your template:
    1. Get to the point where you can print the picking ticket report.
    2. The Report Destination window opens
    3. Select Standard from the Drop Down
    4. Click the File checkbox
    5. At file Name, select a location by click the Folder and enter a File Name
    6. Select XML Data File in the File Format Drop Down
    7. Click Save
    8. Click OK
    9. The XML data file will now be saved in the location you selected
    10. Open the Template in Microsoft Word
    11. In Microsoft Word, select the Developer Tab >> Field List
    12. From the XML Mapping select the XML Resource
    13. Click Remove Source
    14. Click Add Source
    15. Navigate to the location you selected for the XML File
    16. Click Open
  13. Once the XML is updated, select the Developer Tab >> Field List.
  14. Select SOP Blank Picking Ticket Order Entered from the XML Resource drop down.
  15. Notice the ReportFooter section appears.
  16. Remove the Document Comment fields that are currently on the template in the Report Footer table. Do this by selecting the field and clicking delete.
  17. Re-add the fields by dragging the Document comments fields from the ReportFooter section of the XML to the Report Footer table on the Template.
  18. “Save as” the Word template to a location.
  19. Import the updated word template and assign it to your company(s).
  20. The Document comments will appear on the Word Template.





Kelsey Koep | SR Support Engineer | Microsoft Dynamics GP