We've recently seen an issue with installing or upgrading Web Services for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 when a previous version has been installed.

The error we're seeing is after the Web Services application is installed and we're running the Web Services Configuration Wizard to complete the install/upgrade on the GP databases, we get the error message:

"There is already an object named 'taRequesterWSDynamicsOnlineConfiguration1' in the database."
ConfigurationWizard Error: 0 : ExecuteSystemTask (Upgrade) --> **Exception: A loader exception has occurred.
Loader Errors:
- System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException (0x80131904): There is already an object named 'taRequesterWSDynamicsOnlineConfiguration1' in the database.
at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection.OnError(SqlException exception, Boolean breakConnection, Action`1 wrapCloseInAction)
at System.Data.SqlClient.TdsParser.ThrowExceptionAndWarning(TdsParserStateObject stateObj, Boolean callerHasConnectionLock, Boolean asyncClose)
at System.Data.SqlClient.TdsParser.TryRun(RunBehavior runBehavior, SqlCommand cmdHandler, SqlDataReader dataStream, BulkCopySimpleResultSet bulkCopyHandler, TdsParserStateObject stateObj, Boolean& dataReady)
at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.RunExecuteNonQueryTds(String methodName, Boolean async, Int32 timeout, Boolean asyncWrite)
at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.InternalExecuteNonQuery(TaskCompletionSource`1 completion, String methodName, Boolean sendToPipe, Int32 timeout, Boolean asyncWrite)
at System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand.ExecuteNonQuery()
at Microsoft.Dynamics.InstallData.SqlObjectLoader.DoSqlFromResource(String resourceName)
at Microsoft.Dynamics.GP.GPSystemWebServiceObjectLoader.PerformActionOnEConnectStoredProcedures(Action action)
at Microsoft.Dynamics.InstallData.Loader.Process(String[] args)
Error Number:2714,State:3,Class:16

What we need to do to get past this error message and allow Web Services to complete the install/upgrade, is the following:

1. Login to SQL Server Management Studio as 'sa' or an equivalent login. Connect to the SQL instance that the Microsoft Dynamics GP databases are on.

2. Click on View, then click on Object Explorer Details, to open the middle pane.

3. Under Object Explorer on the left hand side, expand your DYNAMICS/ system database, expand Programmability and click on 'Stored Procedures' which should show a list of stored procedures in the middle pane (Object Explorer Details).

4. In the list of stored procedures, find and re-name the following:

         -- taRequesterWSDynamicsOnlineConfiguration1
         -- taRequesterWSDynamicsOnlineConfiguration2

    You can just re-name them to OLDtaRequesterWSDynamicsOnlineConfiguration1 or something similar.

    **NOTE: If you get similar errors about other stored procedures already being in the database(s), you can rename those along the same process, normally it is just these two that resolve the error.
5. Launch the Web Services Configuration Wizard again and attempt to complete the installation of Web Services for Dynamics GP 2018, which should now allow the installation to go through successfully.

Hopefully this will help those Web Services for Dynamics GP 2018 installs/upgrades go through smoothly!!

Thank you