If you are thinking of increasing the decimal places on your functional currency in Microsoft Dynamics GP, you need to be aware of the limitations once transactions are created with the increased decimal places.  

During the process of increasing the number of decimal places, the number of decimal places zeros are added for all transaction types.  For example, when moving from two to five decimal places a Purchase Receipt’s cost information would change from $4.57 to $4.57000.

If you have increased the decimal place and now want to decrease the decimal place back to what it was originally.

For demonstration purposes I will be using two decimal places going up to five decimal places.

Original decimal place was 2 ($0.12). Increased it to 5 decimal places ($0.12345), now you want to change it back to 2 decimal places ($0.12).

  1. If you have to change the decimal places back to two and you have not entered any transactions using the additional decimal places, this will be a simpler change to make.
  2. If you have to change the decimal place back to 2 decimals places after transactions were created with the 5 decimal places, you will run into a multitude of problems some potential issues are but not limited to:
  • Reporting issues: reports will be off by cents
  • Bank reconciliation issues: it will be off by cents; it will not reconcile to $0.00
  • Documents status issues: fully applied documents may not move to history because there are cents remaining on the transaction.

In the GP windows, transaction amounts will display as a 2 decimal amount ($100.12), but in the tables the transaction amounts will be the 5 decimal amount (100.12345) because that is how the original transaction was created.

If your company finds itself in this predicament, the ONLY supported method to go about changing the decimal places back are:

  1. Restore from a back up to before the change occurred OR
  2. Create a new company, make the decimal place change, import beginning balances and master records into the new company.

I hope this information will help guide you in your decision on this topic. If this article finds you after the fact, I hope this will help you identify the potential issues that you may run into. 


“How to decrease the number of decimal places in Currency Setup.”