Hello everyone!

Have you had a the opportunity to explore all the new feature in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018?
Here are some great enhancements that was made for Web Client.


It's not just for the thick client! Autocomplete has been brought to Web Client.

If there are any previously entered valued on a field, users will now be presented with a drop-down menu matching the partially entered value.
Items can be clicked on the drop-down menu, and the full value will be autocompleted on to the field. The same thing can be accomplished via the cursor key and the enter key on the keyboard.

One Click Access to SmartList

A new linked has been added on the top-right of the Web Client window labeled “SmartList”. Clicking on the link will open the SmartList window.

Bank Reconciliation Window

The ability to maximize the Bank Reconciliation window was added, so users performing a reconciliation can have a better view of transactions within the window, reducing the amount of scrolling needed to find transactions.

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