Hello Everyone-

We are excited to be piloting phone call recording for Dynamics Support cases starting in March and we are asking you to participate.  You may see an incoming call now from a 425-area code, instead of 701 like you typically see from GP Support.  No, do not fear, this will be a Dynamics Support engineer calling!  Please answer the call as you normally would.  You will then receive the below automated message to let you know that the call will be recorded.  

Hi, this is Microsoft Dynamics Support calling about your open support case. Please listen to the following message. To help us improve quality assurance and training this call may be recorded or monitored. Information collected on this call may be accessed by Microsoft affiliates, subsidiaries, and service providers internationally. You can request to have this call recording stopped at any time.

If you prefer not to have the support call recorded, you can request to have the recording stopped once you are connected with the support engineer. Note that you will ALWAYS have the ability to request the recording to be stopped at any time during the call.  However, we would encourage you to allow the recording as this will help us better serve you and assist our support engineers with better documentation and training going forward.  We understand you may have concerns, and we value any feedback you have for us. 

Thank you for assisting us in our pilot as we continue to work to elevate your support experience. 

Stay safe and stay warm!