I have worked with many Canadian Payroll customers and partners over the years and one of the pain points that I have heard over and over, is that it can be difficult to use the Import/Export Utilities.  Not that the functionality itself was hard to use, but that the documentation in the help file wasn’t 100% relevant any more.  This was due to changes over the years in SQL with adding fields on the employee cards and fields on the T4/R1s, etc. for compliance.   

I have some great news for you!  I have updated the documentation to reflect GP’s current table structure of Microsoft Dynamics GP and have added some tips and tricks for common errors such as date formatting or blank/duplicate records that I hope you will find to be helpful.   

Below is a list of Contents from the document.  Please CLICK HERE to download! 

If you have any Tips or Tricks of your own that you would like to share with others, please feel free to comment below.