Happy New Year!  With the new year, we have a lot more new features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 that we will be discussing this month.  First up is for our Analytical Accounting(AA) users!  Prior to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, there was not a way to copy user Access to Analytical Accounting Dimension codes in GP from one user to another. This new feature will greatly expedite granting new users access to the same dimension codes when appropriate.

You will see this new feature when navigating to the User Access window. To use this feature: Under Administration menu, point to Setup, under Company, click Analytical Accounting and then User Access.

Once the window opens you will now see the Copy option at the top:

You will have the option to Copy from which is the user ID access you will want to replicate and the Copy to choose the user ID to grant the same access.

The user access copy feature will give the same access to ALL dimensions as the user you are copying from. For databases that have a lot of Analytical Accounting dimensions, this is a great feature to simplify the process of granting access to new users that should have the same access as another user.

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Happy Upgrading!