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I wanted to share some information regarding the difference between how GP functions when Inventory is not registered and what to expect and look out for if you plan to register Inventory in the future.

First, I’d like to start by referencing an article that discusses the capabilities of inventory if NOT registered so we have a starting point.  Article below describes the capabilities.

Capabilities of Inventory if the Inventory module is not registered in Microsoft Dynamics GP


Some of the biggest differences mentioned when Inventory is NOT registered are:

  1. You are allowed to use one U OF M - ‘EACH’

When inventory is not registered, the Unit of measure (U of M) ‘EACH’ is what is used on all items regardless of if it’s an inventory or non-inventory item.

When inventory is registered, there is no change on these documents.   The documents that are currently entered in the work tables (saved in batches) will still have an ‘EACH’ U of M associated with them.  If you want to change it to a different U of M, you will need to do that before posting/processing.


  1. You do not track quantities for your items that are setup as Sales Inventory.

When inventory is not registered, IV quantities are not tracked for any items.   When you enable inventory, there is no change with the actual documents themselves, but the change occurs when you post a SOP/POP/IV/BOM etc. document(s) that have Inventory items on them.  Posting will now impact quantities in and out of Inventory based on the U of M on the line and affect inventory quantities accordingly.  With non-inventory item, there is no change, and it acts the same when posting.

  1. There are NO site capabilities.

When Inventory is not registered, the Site ID field on SOP, POP, IV etc. documents is blank.  When inventory IS registered, that field becomes enabled and is required.   After Enabling inventory, documents that are unposted or in the work tables will have lines without Site IDs filled in and you will not be able to post the document without populating that field on every saved document that affects inventory. You will want to go through each Purchase order, Receipt and Sales order document, IV document etc that is saved and populate the SITE ID for those documents BEFORE you process against them.


  1. Pricing only allows one list price.

With inventory not registered, Sales documents default the List Price from the Item Card or Item Currency Maintenance window onto Sales documents. Registering inventory will not change that list price on current documents, but as you enter new documents or add more items to a sales document, the system will look to the Item’s Price List (Inventory > Cards > Price List) to determine what the price will be based on how you have the price list set up.  If you don’t have a price list set up, you may receive error.


To get around these errors while you are setting up price lists go to Sales order processing setup and mark the option “Prices Not Required in Price List” (Sales > Setup > Sales Order Processing).

Other Differences:

  1. Allocations

 Allocation on Sales order documents or negative inventory adjustments for example does not occur when inventory is not registered.   The site is not populated, and allocations do not occur because you don’t track inventory quantities at the sites or at the quantity level. When you register IV, you will now notice on sales documents that items that require allocation will a new Triangle icon on them.   If you click on the triangle you will receive an error that indicates a Site ID is required. 



Once you populate the Site ID on the line, the system will automatically allocate the line if allocating by line. If you allocate by batch or document, you will need to Allocate under the Options button on the Sales Transaction Entry window or by the batch.

For inventory decrease adjustments or other documents, you may want to run IV reconcile to ensure your allocations are up to date.


  1. Accounts

Accounts will not change on unposted documents when you enable inventory.  The same accounts would be posted to regardless of if inventory is registered or not. 


  1. Purchase order documents
    1. This module can cause the biggest challenge for those of you wanting to enable Inventory as there will be some prep work required before enabling. If you do not address the missing required SITE ID field prior to entering receipts, you could end up in a situation that causes the POP header and lines not to update properly when posting receipts and receive errors on the posting journals.  There are ways to address it, but my suggestion following this guidance to avoid issues.
      1. Before enabling inventory, move all closed and canceled POs to history using the Remove Completed Purchase Orders (Purchasing > Routines > Remove Completed Purchase orders).
      2. Before enabling, post any saved PO receipts in the system.
      3. After enabling Inventory, add sites to all the current open POs in the POP10110 table.
        1. Note: For POs that have been received and/or invoiced against, you will need to update the POP10110 table via the backend.
          1. Example: Update POP10110 set LOCNCODE = 'WAREHOUSE' WHERE DEX_ROW_ID = 6252
          2. Or if you want to populate all lines with the same site id you can run the following script: Update POP10110 set LOCNCODE = 'WAREHOUSE'
        2. For POs that are NEW and not processed against, you can pull up the PO entry window and add manually if you like instead of doing update in SQL.


Note:  If you find that you posted receipts before doing step 7C, OR you added the site on the fly on the receipt, you will notice errors on the Posting journal. "Error: Posting to table POP10110.  Restore from backup if possible."



The issue is that the PO header and line statuses did not update.   If you run Purchasing Reconcile you will see similar errors such as the following:



SOLUTION: You will have to update the POP statuses in the POP10110 and possibly the POP10100 as well as the SITE ID in the POP10110 to get past the errors.  Then run Purchasing Reconcile and it should clear the issue. 

Hope this blog is helpful to you that are planning on turning on the inventory module! 

Warmest Regards,

Angela Ebensteiner | SR. Technical Lead, Microsoft Dynamics GP