On Versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP 18.00.0704 and higher, you may notice that your Encumbrance Summary Inquiry amounts display incorrectly.  When you click the drilldown on the amount from any column/period, you will find the amount does not match the total displaying in the detail.  We have found that you can rely on the detail totals which are correct.  This is an issue that has been identified and will be addressed soon in a future service pack.  For the time being, if you are running into this issue, please use your detail as a basis for tracking your Encumbrance budgets if you see a questionable amount. 

We also have an updated Stored Procedure [ENC_VIEWCURRSUM_BY_PERIOD] which you can implement to correct this issue as a temporary workaround to correct the display issue on the Summary Window if desired. 

     1. It is always recommended to create a backup of your company database before running the updated stored procedure.

     2. Please download the ENC_VIEWCURRSUM_BY_PERIODfix.sql file using the following link:


     3. Execute the SQL query against the company database(s) with the issue.

This issue was fixed in the following Update for Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

Microsoft Dynamics GP 2020 - Mid-Year Update Released! - Microsoft Dynamics GP Community

Version 18.2.1100 and higher.


Isaac Olson

Microsoft Support.