Hello All,

Today we are going to talk about a performance issue that occurs when using lookups. More so in the Payables and Bank Rec windows.

Recently, I have seen a few cases that come in stating, after the most recent upgrade, using the lookups in the Bank Rec or Payables is causing GP to lockup.  

Currently, I have only seen this in the Bank Rec and Payables. However, I assume it can happen in any module or window that has a lookup.

What I have found is when we capture the issue in a DexSQL.log, the call before it appears to hang is on the SY03900 Stored Procedure. As you can see in the screenshot below, there is a 21 second delay between the SY03900 and the GL00100 table.

The SY03900 table is our Ole Notes Table. As most know, Ole notes are no longer used in GP as we have moved to using Document Attachment.

As the DexSQL.log shows us the delay is on the OLE Notes, the first place that comes to mind to look is the Dex.ini as this is where we hold the path for the OLE Notes. This is to make sure the path is correct. This is normally located at the following location.  C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Dynamics\GP\Data.

In the Dex.ini, the field in question looks like the following. In some cases, it does not exist in the Dex.ini.

The first thing I do when I see this is copy the OLEPATH and paste it into Windows Explorer to see if I can get to that location on the machine having the problem. If you cannot, then this is likely the cause of your issue as it keeps trying to get to that path in the Dex.ini.

The correction for this is to change the OLEPATH in the Dex.ini to a valid location that the machine in question can reach.

Once the path has been addressed in the Dex.ini, the performance issue with the lookups no longer exists.

If you are seeing performance issues when using the lookup, give the above a test to determine if it corrects the issue.

I hope this helps and saves you some time if you run into this issue.

Thank you!

Microsoft Support Engineer | Brandon Jarrett