Hello again and Happy Holidays!  We have some great new features with Payroll in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018.  This is the second one I will be telling you about this week.  We now have the option to Roll Down changes for Active or All employees. 

Option to Roll Down Payroll Setup Options to Inactive Records

There may be instances where you want to make a change in the Payroll setup options, but do not want inactive employees to be included.  There is now an option to only roll down changes for the active records instead of all of them.  This feature will save time as the system will not have to update all of the inactive employees which can be a lot of records after a long period of time.

Roll Down Option for Active Employees Only

Under Pay Code Setup window: Go to HR & Payroll, then under Setup click Payroll, the feature will work with Pay Code, Deduction or Benefit.  In the example below, we click on Pay Code and use the Salary Pay Code, updated the Pay Rate and Click Save.  You will now see the options to roll down the changes for Active Records, All Records, or None.  If you choose Active Records, the inactive employees will not be included in these changes.  This was a HUGE feature request from users that has been added to GP2018.



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