In GP 2016 R2 we added a new ‘Employment History Inquiry’ window which can be accessed directly from the Employee Card.

This allows users to see Termination and Hire dates per employee.  In some businesses, such as a seasonal business, the same employee can be hired many times and the business may need to track the multiple dates for this employee, such as the hire date, adjusted hire date and the last day worked (termination date). 

Navigate to (HR & Payroll >> Inquiry >> Payroll >> Employee). Click on the GoTo action on the Menu bar, you will see a new Employment History button. This will bring you into the Employment History Inquiry window. From this window, you can select an employee to view their history of Termination and Hire dates.

A new SmartList is also available to view the newly tracked employment history.   This SmartList can be found under the Payroll folder and is labeled as Employment History. (Administration >> Reports >> SmartList)

Note:  If the SmartList does not appear on your install, click HERE to download the EmploymentHistory.XML file. Copy it to a location, such as your Desktop. In Microsoft Dynamics GP, in SmartList, click the Export/Import button, browse to where you saved the file and click Import. Refresh your list and you should now see it. If you have eOne SmartList Builder installed, you may not see the Export/Import button. Click HERE for more information about their product.

Click HERE for more detailed documentation on this feature and for all other Dynamics GP 2016 R2 features.

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