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I wanted to share some information regarding some scripts to run and changes you see when you install Manufacturing (MFG) on an existing Microsoft Dynamics GP install. These are a few gotcha’s that you can hopefully avoid when implementing.


There are some tables that do not automatically populated for existing data if you install MFG after GP has been up and running. We have some scripts that will need to run against the company database in order to populate the missing data.


You would want to get these tables updated BEFORE going live with posting otherwise you may have issues with postings accounts, rollups etc.  


Link to all scripts and documents mentioned below here:



NOTE:  All scripts to be run against the Company Database.

1. Insert from IV00101 to CT00102 – There is a shadow table on the Item master. Each time an item is created, the CT00102 is populated with similar information.  When you install MFG after GP has been running, the table is not populated with the current items from the IV00101. You can use the script below to insert the data in the CT00102. Moving forward any new item created in GP will automatically get populated into the CT00102.


Script: InsertFromIV00101ToCT00102.sql


2. Rebuild Costs.zip – (This is for Periodic Valuation method items).  There are three scripts to run in the zip file to populate the standard cost tables for each standard cost item.  If these tables are not populated, you will have issues with rollup revalue and costing when posting. Also, once MFG is installed you have to use the Standard cost rollup functionality in MFG in order to update standard costs.  You can no longer update the Item card’s standard cost field.



  • CT00003_rebuildv2.sql

  • IVIC03023_rebuildv2.sql

  • InsertIntoCT00200v1.sql


3. Missing SOP data in MRP – There are shadow tables on the SOP work and history table that update the IS tables (IS010001 and IS030001) when a Sales document is entered. MRP uses these ISO tables to help determine demand during the MPR run. If you are missing SOP documents that were created prior to installing MFG, you will not get correct results in MRP. Run the script below to populate the IS tables.



  • insertintoIS010001statementV2.sql

  • InsertIntoIS030001Statement.sql

 4. There is an Engineering table for each item in inventory that needs to get populated. Again moving forward any new item created in GP will automatically get populated into the IVR10015.  To populate for existing items, run the attached script to populate.


Script: Rebuild_IVR10015V10.sql


5.  The script below is something I use suggest running with MFG clients especially before going live or if you are seeing issues at any time with a specific item/process.  You run it in TEXT against the company database in a SQL query.  Most customers copy and paste the results into a Text file so it’s easier to search through as it’s VERY large. It can take quite some time to run so we suggest running it in the evening and at the server is best.


Exec mfgfix90checkdata


This script is like a data scrub.  It does not update anything. The attached document (Microsoft Dynamics GP Manufacturing Checkdata.pdf) shows you each message that could potentially get returned and what it means.  There is an * next to the ones that HAVE to be fixed and would cause data integrity issues if not fixed.  So those are the ones I’d have customers narrow in on.  In the PDF there are steps on how to fix the issues. If you need assistance you can create a case with Support.


Document: Microsoft_Dynamics_GP_Manufacturing_Checkdata.pdf


5. Accounts – Make sure to update your accounts on the item card for the MFG accounts.   Attached is document that discusses all the accounts that get used depending on the type of transaction you use and if you are periodic or perpetual costing.  In general, MFG ONLY looks at the item card for accounts.  There are a couple of "Rounding" "Floor stock" accounts that are in setup in the MFG setup windows, but the main Inventory, offset, WIP, overhead accounts etc all pull from item card.  You do have the ability to update classes and roll down changes to the items if you want.  


Document: Manufacturing Accounts.doc


DIFFERENT BEHAVIORS that you will see when you install MFG.


1. Inventory costing:

a. If you are standard costing (Periodic), you will now use the Roll-up and revalue process to update your costs. You will not be able to change the Standard cost on the item card.


2. POP transactions:

a.  The accounts used may be different.  You may see more accounts on receipts.

b.  You may receive a message if you try to buy a Make item.  “You have entered a Made item. Are you sure you want to enter this item?”

c. Right click functionality for Job Costing is now available instead of the usual "edit/delete" option.


3. SOP transactions:  

a. You may or may not be able to easily change the quantity on a SOP Order/Quote if it's linked to MOs.  There could be process security on it.  The error you get is: 'You do not have access privileges to edit this field. Contact your system administrator" when trying to change the quantity on a sales order.  Again, just a setting and based on how you set up, but that is different and causes a few calls here in support. 


I hope this information is helpful when adding MFG to your GP installs and will eliminate a few gotcha’s when implementing.


Warmest Regards,

Angela Ebensteiner | Sr. Technical Advisor | Microsoft Dynamics GP