In Microsoft Dynamics GP, there are lookup windows where end users can do a lookup based off a list of predefined views when entering transactions, doing inquiries and looking up master records. There are several windows where the user can select different views within the system.

This new Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 feature allows users to use custom SmartLists and/or SmartList Favorites they've created in SmartList Designer, to use these same SmartLists to look up master records in specific windows based on the query designed.

This SmartList Designer Advanced Look-Up functionality is available in this defined list of advanced lookup windows: Accounts, Addresses, Customers, Employees, Items, Open Documents, Open Payable Documents, Prospects, Purchase Orders, Sales Document Numbers, Sales Documents, Vendor Addresses, Vendors, and Vouchers.

An example of this, in the Fabrikam, Inc. sample database, a user has created a customer list using SmartList Designer called 'Customers with Balances'. This list has specific information pertaining to their customers. The user would like to use this list for their lookup in the Customer Maintenance window.

With the SmartList Designer favorite selected in the SmartList window, the user would select the Favorites button

In the 'Add or Remove Favorites' window that opens, the user would enter a name, and choose visibility. There is also a new option of 'Assign To' added to this window, which will default as blank. Users can select this dropdown and see the list of advanced lookup windows. In this example, the user would select 'Customers' to add this favorite to the Customer Maintenance window's lookup.

**NOTE: Only one Assign To option can be selected per SmartList Favorite. If you want more than one then you will have to create another SmartList Favorite to assign it to another advanced lookup.

The advanced lookup field does not have to be populated, it can be left blank. Once this favorite is created then the view option will show 'SmartList Designer Favorites' as an option. If there are no favorites created, the SmartList Designer Favorites would still show as a menu item, there just would not be any additional menu list.

Continuing with the example, in Cards > Sales > Customer, the user chooses the lookup button next to the Customer ID field, then clicks the dropdown next to View, to see the new 'SmartList Designer Favorites' option.

The user would like to change the view from All Customers to their SmartList favorite from the 'Customer with Balances' SmartList. In the 'SmartList Designer Favorites' option, they would select the 'Jen's Customers' favorite they created and assigned to the Customer lookup window.

By doing this, the lookup window will return the customer list that is pulled from the SmartList Favorite, 'Customers with Balances' that was created, which shows specific customer information that this user wants to select from, without having to filter through all available customers in this lookup example.


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