With the release of Dynamics GP 2016 R2 comes a requested feature to the Fixed Assets module.  This new feature will allow users to use numbers other than 1 when saving a new asset in the Asset General Information window.  Users used to be prompted with a prompt to Save, Discard, or Cancel their changes if they were entering in a new asset with a Suffix other than 1, and then tabbed out of the Suffix field.  The functionality behind what can be entered into the Suffix field initially has now changed to allow users to use the desired Suffix of choice, and users will not be prompted with the "Do you want to save changes?" message that was previously presented.  Users will note that they are not able to tab/click out of the Suffix field if they attempt to use 0, but you can use 2 or any other numeral above 1, as seen in the screenshot below.

This small change should make both creating and importing new assets into Dynamics GP just a bit easier for companies and users that do not always want to use 1 as their initial Suffix on their assets.

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Lucas Reuss