In prior versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP the account distribution lines opened in a ‘collapsed’ format when entering new data allowing the user to see one line per account.

For example, this is how the Transaction Entry window would open by default:

In order to view, enter and edit all detail the end user would need to select the side down-arrow options to ‘expand’ the distribution lines to access all lines.

Dependent on the amount of data being entered, this could be considered a nuisance issue as the end-user would need to stop typing and use the mouse to make the arrow selection.

Beginning with the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2 release, the selected distribution windows will open pre-expanded, dependent on the last time the User ID in question accessed the window:


Note that the fully expanded view gives immediate access to Account Description, Exchange Rate and additional Reference materials at once.

This view can also be collapsed at the user discretion, with Dynamics GP remembering and displaying the last view of the User ID for next use.

Although initially designated for Journal Entry activities in the GL, this feature will also be valid for RM, PM and Cash Receipts distribution line entry.

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