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With the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016 R2, the Payroll Distribution Pre-Posting reports will include taxable wages and tax amounts associated with Tips!!

In prior versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP, taxable wages and tax amounts associated with Tips were not included on the Distribution Pre-Posting Reports.


The following taxes have been updated to reflect taxable wages and tax amounts for Tips on the Distribution Summary – PPR and Distributions Report Detail – PPR reports:

  • Federal

  • FICA Medicare

  • FICA Social Security

  • State

  • Local

The table below demonstrates how taxable wages appear on the Distribution Report Summary – PPR and Distribution Report Detail - PPR reports in prior versions of GP in comparison to the same reports in GP 2016 R2. In this example, an employee has $320.00 in taxable wages associated with an Hourly pay type and $100.00 in taxable wages associated with a Tip pay type:

Important to Remember: To print these reports, the user must mark the Print checkbox next to the Distribution Report Detail – PPR and Distribution Report Summary – PPR reports in the Posting Setup window (Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Setup >> Posting >> Posting >> Series = Payroll) prior to processing a pay run.

The Distribution Report Summary – PPR and the Distribution Report Detail- PPR reports print after payroll checks have been calculated:


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Andrea Melroe | Sr. Technical Advisor | Microsoft Dynamics GP