Hi GP fans!

We have a great new feature being added for Microsoft Dynamics GP2016 R2 for you Sales users!!

Have you noticed that when, for example, you create a SOP transaction using Taxes, that you can drill back on the details and see what the percentage for the Tax Detail was? And if so, you’ve likely noticed that the percentage is the percent ‘as of today’, not necessarily what it was at the time of the transaction.

So for example, we create a SOP Invoice for $100 with a 5% tax in 2017. Drilling back on the Tax amount, we see the correct $5 and the correct 5%:


January 1st 2018, our tax rate changes to 6% ( they never seem to go down, do they! ). So we update our Tax Detail to show the new 6%.

If we drill back on that same transaction, it shows us the correct $5 amount, but, now shows us 6%:


Great news! With GP2016 R2, we now have added a new column to the SOP and RM tax tables to store the correct percent value.   After upgrading, newly created transactions will store the correct tax detail percent value. This should help eliminate confusion on what the tax percent ‘was’ on historical Sales transactions.

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