Hello again! We have another great new feature to tell you about in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018.  You can now Reprint Distribution Detail and Summary reports! The pre-posting reports, Distribution Detail and Distribution Summary that print when you are processing payroll, by selecting Tools, then click Setup, choose Posting, and then click Posting are a key to our customer’s ability to have a successful payroll.

But as you all know, once you post payroll, you no longer can see the data from these reports unless you have saved them to a file location. What we have done with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 is now allow you to print these reports at ANYTIME, under the reprint journals.  This will help with payroll processing of what happened during that specific payroll and track down those pesky taxable wage reconciliation issues.  This is located by clicking Reports, choose Payroll and then click Reprint Journals.   This information is pulling from our existing history tables, check (UPR30100) and transaction (UPR30300) history, so you can start printing them for prior payrolls once you upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018.

If you are one that is looking for that Gross to NET report with detailed deduction, benefit and taxes, this is it!

Note: If you do not see the option as shown above, make sure you have the Human Resource and Payroll Solution Series installed, if not choose to install it under Add/Remove Programs for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

I hope everyone is planning their upgrade to GP2018 soon!  Be sure to check back to the Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 Feature Blog Series Schedule page to review posted blog articles and upcoming blog posts to help you prepare for all the great New Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018.