The Purchase Order Entry and Purchase Order Inquiry Zoom windows will now allow for the user to choose if they want to E-mail the Blank Paper or the Other form.  This can be useful if you are using different Purchase Order formats depending on the type of Vendor that the Purchase Order is being Emailed to. 

After selecting a Purchase Order Format, you can click the Send button at the bottom of the window.  The Vendor's E-mail address and Message ID entered on the Purchase Order transaction will be used and the E-mail will be sent in the format selected.  (You do not need to check the 'Send To' box or enter any additional information)

Note:  If you wish to change the E-mail address or Message ID, this change must be made on the Purchase Order transaction itself in the Purchasing E-mail Detail Entry window before sending.

Note:  E-mail functionality is dependent on Word Templates being enabled and properly configured in your company.

For more detailed documentation on this new feature and others with the Release of Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2, please check out our Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 R2 New Feature Blog Series.