In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018, for the Payables Transaction Approval workflow, we’ve added additional vendor fields, which are present when the ‘Display extended field list’ option is marked, in the Workflow Condition Editor window:

To access the Workflow Condition Editor window, click the blue arrow under the Condition in the Workflow Maintenance window.


The additional vendor fields that are now available are:

1. Vendor Account

2. Comment 1

3. Comment 2

4. Vendor Class ID

5. Payment Priority



In Microsoft Dynamics GP 2018 we also have added the Account Description field for the Purchase Order Workflow Assignment Email and the Purchase Order Workflow Action Completed Email.  

This new field will be available in the Message Setup window. When in this window, click on the Document Lines tab.

This is useful for users that know the Account Description versus the Account Number when going to approve items from a workflow.



We've also added additional vendor EFT/Bank Information fields, for the Vendor Approval workflow, which are present when the 'Display extended field list' option is marked, in the Workflow Condition Editor window.

You can access this window from the Condition area in Workflow Maintenance, click the blue arrow

The additional vendor fields pull data from the Address Electronic Funds Transfer (SY06000) table.

Below are just a few examples of these new fields:

1. Bank Name

2. EFT Bank Code

3. EFT Account Type

4. Bank Country Code

5. Active/Inactive



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